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McEwen Hall is home to the Communication department, Fredonia Radio Systems (FRS) and large lecture halls.

McEwen Hall, Fredonia, NY 14063

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Visiting Artist Program Lecture: Melanie Walker

Melanie Walker has been a practicing artist for over 50 years. Her expertise is in the area of alternative photographic processes, digital and mixed media as...

9/27 8:30pm
Visiting Artist Program Lecture: Mighty Oak's Emily Collins and Michaela Olsen

Mighty Oak is an all female animation and design studio in Brooklyn, NY. Since launching in 2015, their work has received over 200 million views across...

10/25 8:30pm
Visiting Artist Program Lecture: Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Trained in ceramics, Datchuk's works often use a myriad of materials ranging from porcelain to fabric or embroidery. As the child of a Chinese immigrant and...

11/8 8:30pm
Visiting Artist Program Lecture: Coral Lambert

Coral Penelope Lambert is internationally recognized for large scale cast metal sculpture. Born and raised in the UK she studied sculpture in the 1980s with...

12/6 8:30pm

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Dani McMay

Dani McMay left a positive review 4/5/2018

It was quite good

Jeanette E McVicker

Jeanette E McVicker left a positive review 4/5/2018

Professor Detloff intricately weaved excerpts from Virginia Woolf's diary and letters during the early days of WW2 with the importance of 'fighting with thinking' (and writing) in the resistance to fascism. Fascism, Detloff suggested, changes the contours of citizenship and reconfigures the space between public and private. It is fundamentally grounded in what the philosopher Michel Foucault named 'biopower': the intersection of scientific racism, state regulation of reproduction/sexuality, and assumptions regarding ableism. Woolf's work exposes this, writing as she did at the cusp of biopower and its initial form as fascism. Only after these forms of biopower are in place does the more traditional idea of the 'charismatic leader' harness this power, as Woolf witnessed. This is why fascism can continue into the present, because biopower has adapted to contemporary neoliberalism, producing new forms.

Dani McMay

Dani McMay left a positive review 2/22/2018

It was good—a bit tense at the end. A learning lesson

Jonathan David Swift

Jonathan David Swift left a positive review 10/18/2017

I hope there will be an article in The Leader about this extremely important event.

McEwen Hall

McEwen Hall posted a photo 8/24/2017