Rockefeller, Marvel Theatre

Named after former music professor, composer, and Dean of Fine and Performing Arts Robert W. Marvel, this 369-seat, handicap-accessible proscenium theatre is one of the best-designed and best-equipped small theatres in upstate New York. Sightlines are excellent. A hydraulic orchestra pit can accommodate up to 43 musicians.

Marvel Theatre is the major performance space for the Department of Theatre and Dance, and is the home of the annual Playground Drama Camp. The annual Hillman Opera is often produced here, as is the annual concert by the Fredonia Dance Ensemble.

The proscenium is 40 feet wide and 28 feet high. The stage is 39 feet deep, and 10 feet of wing space exist on either side. The main playing area allows for trap doors to be installed as needed by any given produciton. The grid of the stage house is 58 feet above stage level and there are 48 single purchase counterweight line sets.


Rockefeller Arts Center, Fredonia, NY 14063

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On Campus, Rockefeller Arts Center venue


(716) 673-3217


Upcoming Events

Fredonia Dance Ensemble

3/24/2023 7:30pm
Fredonia Dance Ensemble

3/25/2023 2pm
Fredonia Dance Ensemble

3/25/2023 7:30pm

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Fight Night


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Jefferson Westwood

Jefferson Westwood left a positive review 10/17/2019

A great choice of play for a department with a lot of students. It all went together very well, the acting, music, scenery, lighting, costumes and sound all went together very well.

Ellen Griggs

Ellen Griggs left a positive review 8/9/2019

Wonderful, funny, uplifting. Campers were all great. The presentation was right on the mark.

Jefferson Westwood

Jefferson Westwood left a positive review 4/6/2018

Strong ensemble acting with great tech support.

Terry Brown

Terry Brown left a positive review 4/14/2018

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Spring Awakening! Amazing show with memorable performances! Such professionalism and poise from the cast. Congratulations again!

Ralph J Blasting

Ralph J Blasting left a positive review 4/11/2018

An outstanding production. Strong direction, beautifully integrated design, focused and precise performances. Mature themes, but very relevant.

Laurel K Brennan

Laurel K Brennan posted a photo 4/10/2018

Some of the cast of Spring Awakening! Some of the cast of Spring Awakening!

Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson left a positive review 4/6/2018

This show BLEW ME AWAY! Magnificently cast, the cast was UNBELIEVABLY talented!! Very well done!! Bravo! Wish I could have seen it a second time!!

Jefferson Westwood

Jefferson Westwood left a positive review 12/2/2017

I can't say I am unbiased, but I thought it was great!

Rockefeller, Marvel Theatre

Rockefeller, Marvel Theatre posted a photo 8/18/2017