Rockefeller, King Concert Hall

Named after the Fredonia professor, violinist and academic dean, Harry A. King Concert Hall is the largest of Fredonia's five performance facilities. It is the primary performance location for the major ensembles from the Fredonia School of Music and the Western New York Chamber Orchestra King Concert Hall is also home to the DFT Communications Pops Series, and many convocations, and lectures.

King Concert Hall accommodates 1145 patrons in fixed seats plus space for patrons in wheelchairs and their companions. The stage is 60 feet wide at the front and is equipped with a hydraulic orchestra pit.

The organ at the rear of the stage has over 2,400 pipes and was manufactured by the Schlicker Organ Company of Buffalo, New York. Parts of the organ had been in use when the college was located in downtown Fredonia when it was a teacher's college.

Rockefeller Arts Center, Fredonia, NY 14063

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On Campus, Rockefeller Arts Center venue


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New Horizons Band

Kate Levy, Director Event is free.

11/7 7:30pm
Fredonia Concert Band

Ray Stewart, conductor This event will be live streamed at Event is free.

11/8 8pm
Fredonia Wind Symphony

Donna Dolson, conductor This event will be live streamed at Event is free.

11/12 8pm
Fredonia All College Band

Carrie Pawelski, conductor This event will be live streamed at Event is free.

11/13 8pm
Fredonia Wind Ensemble

Paula Holcomb, conductor This event will be live streamed: Event is free.

11/15 8pm

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Debra Marotta

Debra Marotta left a positive review 10/3/2018

It was wonderful to enjoy this concert from the comfort of my home. The All College Band is terrific! Live streaming is a god send! I have never missed any of my daughter's performances since she ban playing the flute back in grade 5 and I was worried about missing this. Then I heard about the live stream. Thank you!

Jefferson Westwood

Jefferson Westwood left a positive review 9/20/2018

Very nuanced advice to the two student quartets. Amazing to me how much SINGING Canadian Brass does of their music, in their own rehearsals. They said it was sometimes up to HALF of their rehearsal time.

Terry Brown

Terry Brown left a positive review 4/20/2018

Congratulations to Ray Stewart and the Concert Band for a delightful evening!

Jefferson Westwood

Jefferson Westwood left a positive review 12/10/2017

I can't say I am unbiased, but I thought it was great!

Sandra A Lewis

Sandra A Lewis left a review 10/27/2017


Terry Brown

Terry Brown left a positive review 10/21/2017

What a memorable evening! Brilliant performances by current students and alumni. Congratulations to everyone!

Jefferson Westwood

Jefferson Westwood left a positive review 10/6/2017

It was GREAT! I actually watched in via live streaming as I was out of town on family matters.

Margaret JJ Jackson

Margaret JJ Jackson left a positive review 9/28/2017

We love it!
Needs more close ups of percussion section

Lisa M DeBeauvernet

Lisa M DeBeauvernet left a positive review 9/28/2017

I think it is wonderful that our family could watch our daughter's performance without making the 6 hour trip to Fredonia. The sound quality was quite good and having the opportunity to see our daughter was priceless! Could we suggest scanning the performers in a more regular basis of side to side so we can see her more often? The majority of the time the view was of the back left. Otherwise, thank you for the opportunity to see the performance!

Fonda Sanford Kawski

Fonda Sanford Kawski left a negative review 9/21/2017

The hall was miserably hot, humid and smelled like food! Many other patrons around us kept asking for the air conditioning to be turned on, ushers talked to hall management to no avail. We were assured it would come on @ some pre-determined time, we sat sweltering and fanning ourselves with the program from 6:45 pm until after 9:00 pm and it never seemed to be operational until the last 20 minutes of the concert. Very disappointing after paying $70.00 dollars for 2 tickets. The loud drumming from 3 drummers overwhelmed the vocalists and the orchestrations were so overdone that most of the time the voices we merely a garble of sound. Both vocalists had weak voices and the male vocalist was so off-pitch on the 'You've Got A Friend' song it was unpleasant to endure. Very disappointing, I do ever plan to return to King Concert Hall again!!