Canceled: LinkedIn Learning Tuesday Tip

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Having basic computer skills is essential in today's world, click here to see a jargon-free Introduction to Computers, files, folders, keyboards, and printers while learning to use Windows 10.

If you are an intermediate computer user, then try Windows 10 New Features to explore the core new features in the latest Windows operating system.

Afterward, try these:

Students: Designing a Resume (Time: 1h 6m)
Designing a Resume for Creatives (Time: 1h 34m)Staff: Plan Your Next Play in IT (Time: 2h 2m)
Getting Your Ideas Approved (Time: 1h 59m)Faculty: Teaching Online: Synchronous Classes (Time: 1h 12m)
Teaching Technical Skills Through Video (Time: 43m 50s)
Learning Lectora Online 2.0 (Time: 4h 42m)

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

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