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Mason Hall, Fredonia, NY 14063

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Dr. David Rudge, director

The Fredonia College Chamber Orchestra, founded by David Rudge in 1997, will play its final concert on Tuesday, May 3, at 8PM in Rosch Recital Hall. The program features 17th century works by early Baroque composers Marini and Purcell, beautiful Romantic works of Elgar and Kalinnikov, and 20th century satirical, ground-breaking pieces by Shostakovich and Charles Ives. The program closes with the Petite Suite of Impressionist composer, Claude Debussy. 

The concert is free to the public and will be live-streamed:

Event Details

  • Judy Bartholomew
  • Brandon L Codrington
  • Annette Ieda
  • Christopher Morrow

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