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Mason Hall, Fredonia, NY 14063

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12 months, 12,000 parts, countless hours of fine-tuned labor

Each pianos journey is complex, spanning 12 months, 12,000 parts, and countless hours of fine-tuned labor. Filmed in key Steinway locations the factory, Steinway's reserved Bank, and the rooms of private auditions Note by Note is a loving celebration not just of craftsmanship, but of a dying breed of person who is deeply connected to working by hand. In the end, this is an ode to the most unexpected of unsung heroes. It reminds us how extraordinary the dialogue can be between an artist and an instrument crafted out of human hands but borne of the materials of nature.

Featuring famed pianists such as Harry Connick, Jr., and Lang Lang, Note by Note follows the year-long, hand-crafted creation of a Steinway concert grand piano from the forest floor to the concert hall.

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  • Daryl Crabtree

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