Campus Life Events

Monday, September 30

Dance Cardio with Kathy

Join Kathy at the Aerobic Center in Hemingway Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm for Dance Cardio! All students are welcome!

Core de Force MMA-Inspired Workout With Sadie

Join Sadie at 5pm every Monday in the Aerobic Center for a high intensity workout!

Craft Room: No-Sew Yarn Coasters

Stop by the Craft Room, located in the back of Disney Hall, this week to make a DIY No-Sew Yarn !

New Student Meet-ups: Fredonia Scrapbooking

Stop by the Disney Hall Craft Room this evening to meet new people and scrapbook! New Student Meet-ups: Meet-ups are organic, low-risk social...

The Quest

Join RA Brittney for The Quest. The audience will be divided into teams and then given quests to fulfill. Work together as a team and get to know new people!

Monday, September 30