Campus Life Events

Thursday, December 5

Spirit Week

Join us as we kick off the final month of the Fall semester with an campus wide Spirit Week!

Zumba & Tone With Olivia

Join Olivia on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm in the Aerobic Center for a Zumba & Tone class!

Zumba & Trampoline Cardio With Brynna

Join Brynna at the Aerobic Center on Thursdays at 4 for a fun Zumba and Cardio workout with trampolines!


Join Eriketa every Tuesday and Grace every Thursday at 5pm in the Aerobic Center for Yoga!

Hanging of the Greens

Join Spectrum Entertainment Board for a campus tradition, Hanging of the Greens. There will be cookies, crafts, music, and entertainment. This is a great...

Name Your Privilege

Residents will have a chance to admit their privilege and see them displayed and allows residents to face their privilege while remaining anonymous.

Thursday, December 5