Campus Life Events

Thursday, November 7

Zumba & Tone With Olivia

Join Olivia on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm in the Aerobic Center for a Zumba & Tone class!

Zumba & Trampoline Cardio With Brynna

Join Brynna at the Aerobic Center on Thursdays at 4 for a fun Zumba and Cardio workout with trampolines!


Join Eriketa every Tuesday and Grace every Thursday at 5pm in the Aerobic Center for Yoga!

S'More Understanding

Join RA Aleecea to a Ted Talk about racial literacy and have a discussion while eating s'mores.

Student Association Presidential Debate

The candidates for Student Association President and Vice President will meet to debate their platforms and take questions from students.

Thursday, November 7