Campus Life Events

Wednesday, October 16

Feeding Fredonia Challenge

Now in it's 6th year the Feeding Fredonia Challenge is a community wide food collection to respond to families and individuals in need in the village of...

Dance Cardio with Kathy

Join Kathy at the Aerobic Center in Hemingway Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4pm for Dance Cardio! All students are welcome!

Transform LIVE With Sadie

Join Sadie on Wednesday evenings at 5pm in the Aerobic Center for a high-energy, fun sculpting class!

Breakout Box to the Save the World

Join RA Kayla to complete a breakout box to find the cure to save the world! This activity will be followed by an open discussion about the effects of human...

Midterm Yoga

Yoga will be used as a form of relaxation during the stressful time of midterms.

Wednesday, October 16