Thursday, September 23

Craig Silverman

Convocation Year 2021 - 2022 The Convocation Committee is pleased to announce that we have invited award-winning researcher and reporter Craig Silverman to...

Virtual Event
Fredonia students at Umbra

The Umbra Institute is located in the university city of Perugia, Italy and gives students the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in Italian culture and...

Virtual Event
Residence Life Aerobic Center; Stretch, Tone, & Meditation

Join Emma in the Aerobic Center for a fun way to stretch, tone, and reduce stress with meditation.

Craft Room: Paint Your Own Mason Jar

Join us in the craft room for the craft of the week! Sign up and make this craft in person, or you can grab and go a kit to make this in your room. Make...

Photograph by Kobe - from Pexels.

Play some family classics like Uno along with some newer, spicier games like Exploding Kittens. (Rest assured that no animals will really be harmed during...

Fredonia Wind Symphony

Donna Dolson, conductor Event is free. This event will be live streamed at:

Thursday, September 23